RICHELL Straw Training Cup(150mL)


Innovative Straw Cup responded to parents’ request to help their baby catch the gist of using straws!

Step 1 : Parents help their baby learn how to use a straw by holding the yellow button.

Step 2 : Baby can use the Straw Training Cup as a straw mug.

Step 3 : The Straw Training cup can be use as a cup.

Product Name Parts Material Heat tolerance Cool tolerance Sterilization Dishwasher and Dryer
Boiling Sterilizing Solution Microwave
Straw Training Cup Spout Silicone 140℃ -20
Lid  Polypropylene/Elastomer 140℃ -20
Straw Bottle        200ml/ 320mL Spout Silicone 140℃ -20
Cover Polypropylene 120℃ -20
Lid/Button X X
Bottle Copolymer resin 90℃ -20 X X X
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