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RICHELL Straw Bottle Cap with Case

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This straw bottle cap turns a normal plastic bottle into a baby straw bottle!

Your child always spills water(any drink) if you give them a plastic bottle? No more mess or drama with this cool item!

A plastic case makes it easier to carry this straw bottle cap anywhere with you.

This product is usable for a normal size plastic bottle(27.5mm wide neck) and also a wider neck bottle(30mm) using with the adaptor.




  • Keep this product out of children’s reach when not using
  • Depending on the type of plastic bottles,this product may not be used.
  • Do not leave a bottle with this product attached close to any source of heat,such as a heater or toaster,in direct sunlight or in a car.
  • To carry a bottle with this product attached, make sure to cap the nozzle properly and seal in a container such as a plastic bag.
  • Do not freeze drink in a bottle with this product attached.
  • Fruit juice with pulp may clog the nozzle.

<How to Use>

  • Make sure the straw and nozzle are firmly attached.
  • Remove the cap of a plastic bottle and firmly attach the product.
  • Store-bought straws (inner diameter 6mm) can be used instead of the provided straw.


<Precautions for Cleaning and sterilization>

  • Polishing with a scourer or scouring powder may cause damage to the product.


Cleaning/Sterilization table

Parts Material Heat tolerance Sterilization Dishwasher and Dryer
Boiling Sterilizing Solution Microwave
Mouth Piece,Adaptor,Cap,Case Polypropylene 90℃ X X X
Nozzle ABS Resin 80℃ X X X
Straw,O-ring,Gasket Silicon Rubber 120℃ X


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