RICHELL Easy Pop Baby Food Freezer Tray

    • Mum and dad are always busy with looking after baby,work,doing some house work or something(There is always something to do! To make preparing food for your baby easier, let’s keep some cooked food ready in your freezer all the time!

    • Vegetable soup,cooked rice/noodles,pureed cut vegetables are just some examples you can store by using these freezer trays!

    • Stackable to leave more space in the freezer!

    • Includes 2 trays 



    • Wash the containers before use
    • Do not leave the containers close to fire
    • To avoid scratches, do not use cleanser,brushes or other hard scrubbing materials to clean the containers.
    • This container is NOT a sealed container. Please store it horizontally.


    • Do not overload food in the container to freeze.Frozen food will expand in volume and can cause deformation of the container.
    • Do not twist the container excessively as it might break. Put the container in warm water to get the frozen food out.
    • Food containing Carotene, such as carrots and tomatoes, may leave stain to the product.However,it does not cause any hygiene problems.
    • Do not use the product if it has breakage,deformation and excessive stains.Please replace with a new one.(Recommended frequency of use: About 20 times)

    <Precaution for microwave Use>

    • Do not heat the empty container alone 
    • Do not overheat food in the container
    • Heating food containing high-oil/sugar may cause over-burning and deformation of the container.


      Material Heat tolerance Cold  tolerance Volume Microwave Thawing Sterilization Dishwasher and Dryer
    Boiling Sterilizing Solution Microwave
    Freezing Trays(15mL) Polypropylene 120℃ -20℃ 15mL x 12
    Freezing Trays(25mL) Polypropylene 120℃ -20℃ 25mL x 8
    Freezing Trays(50mL) Polypropylene 120℃ -20℃ 50mL x 6
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