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RICHELL Baby Food Cooking Set

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Everything you need to prepare solids for your baby is in this box!

  • a sieve(filter)
  • a grater
  • a squeezer(juicer)
  • a mortar
  • a pestle
  • a cutting masher
  • a feeding spoon
  • a lid.


Food Cooking Set

Grater Paste Squeezer Masher
Grater Paste Squeezer Masher

Cutting Masher

Chop Mash
Cutting Masher:Chop Cutting Masher:Mash

<Precautions for Use&Cleaning>

  • Do not use this product for microwave
  • Do not sterilize a mortar and squeezer(juicer) with boiling water
  • For the rest of the products,let water boil  in a large pot and turn off the heat then leave the products in the hot water for 5 minutes
  • Do not bleach a sieve
  • For the rest of the products, use oxygen bleach for kitchen after diluting to the specified concentration. Do not leave the products in the bleach solution longer than 30 minutes.After bleaching, rinse well.
  • When using the products for vegetables such as carrots,tomatoes and pampkins ,may leave stains on the products. However,there is no harm to health.


    Parts Material Heat tolerance
    Lid Polypropylene 140℃
    Sieve Mesh Stainless Steel 140℃
    Sieve Frame Polypropylene 140℃
    Grater Styrene AcryloNitrile copolymer 80℃
    Squeezer(Juicer) Polypropylene 140℃
    Pestle Wood  
    Mortar Styrene AcryloNitrile copolymer 80℃
    Spoon Polypropylene 140℃
    Cuttiing Masher(Body) Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene 100℃
    Cutting Masher(Handle) Elastomer 100℃


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