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Little Snook began soon after Mayumi gave birth to her first child,Noah, 2015. Of Japanese heritage, Mayumi bought and used many useful baby products from Japan to help her baby life easier, struggling to find the same style products in Australia. Soon,other mothers in her play groups and friends with babies started noticing and then commenting on these clever Japanese products and asking how they could get hold of them.

After further investigation at local baby stores, Mayumi realised there were large gaps in the Australian baby market. Why weren’t these products on offer to Aussie parents? Mayumi was passionate about how useful these products were for her and wanted to share this with Australian mums and dads who could really benefit from them. Anything to make baby life easier can make a huge difference!Little Snook was then born with at the aim of providing quality, innovative and most importantly useful products to Australian parents, that are “Made In Japan” or designed in Japan.

The products are chosen based on Mayumi’s personal experience with the products. Little Snook baby products will help your baby life and save your time, money and above all a lot of effort. Furthermore, Mayumi has found many of the products can assist baby’s development, particularly in the areas of eating and drinking.

Part of the profits go directly to Children’s hospital charities in Australia. Having spent time in a hospital with a premature baby, Little Snook is well aware of the importance of providing support to sick children and their families.

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